DJ Hughie – Live on every Thursday afternoon from 5pm-6pm (UK time)

Hi Guys,

This Thursday afternoon at 5pm (UK time) I host the 1-hour long ‘Salsa Picante Show’ on Boogie Bunker Radio (BBR). On this show, you will hear the very best salsa and Latin flavours. The show is only one hour long, so blink, and you might miss it 🙂

To listen live click on   then press the ‘Listen Live’ button on the screen – it is that simple!

You can also stream to mobile devices via the ‘TuneIn Radio’ App. Simply type in ‘Boogie Bunker Radio’ and you will be streaming live.     

Even if you miss the live show, you can listen to the podcast at any time….no fuss, and no logging in. Just go to

If you would like access to the ‘DJ Hughie’s Salsa Picante Radio Show’ group on Facebook, please send your request via the following link:  – You need never miss another show, either live or via the podcast.

If you choose to listen I hope that you enjoy it!

DJ Hughie

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